Action Without Planning

Action Without Planning

Action without a systematic and detailed plan is one of the major causes of failure in the home and in the workplace.

What would you say to the managing contractor who turned up to build your new home without architectural drawings or a detailed plan? My guess is that you would give him the sack. A plan is a guide, a road map, or a tool to help you accomplish your vision and without it you could lose your way. How many relationships have you destroyed because you acted without thinking first. How many times have you spoken or acted in haste only to find that there was more hope for a fool than for you? Action without planning is like eating fruit before it is ripe. Think, think, and think again before you act. Those who pay careful attention or persistently use detailed plans, will be successful, but those who are hasty will fail.

As soon as we have an idea we tend to dive straight in with the action, only to realise later that this was a big mistake.

Action Without PlanningPlanning Before Action
1.Hard to measureEasily measured
2.Very riskyLow risk
4.Time wastingNo time wasted
6.High failure rateHigh pass rate
8.Blurred visionCrystal clear vision
9.Hard to controlEasily controlled
10.Low productivityHigh productivity
11.No point of referenceEasy point of reference
12.Confuses teamworkUnifies team
13.StressfulStress free
14.Hasty decisionsPlanned decisions
15.Little or no consultationMuch consultation
16.No overall viewOverall view
17.Hard to evaluateEasy to evaluate

With these listed advantages and disadvantages, you cannot afford not to think and plan before you act. It is madness to act before you plan.

It is important to know where you are, where you want to go and how to get there. The how to get there is your plan. A good plan may take you days, weeks or even months to construct, but it has the potential of saving your health, time, and money. Never put together a plan that cannot be changed and at the expense of your life and your family. Be flexible.

While your plans are flourishing,
has your family been left out?

Complete the following to produce a complete action plan or as some may call it, a detailed business plan.


  1. List your value/s for this specific project and put them in order of priority.
  2. List your vision.

Reliable People

  1. List all the people that you will work with and identify what attitude, skills and knowledge they must possess.
  2. List your training and development policy.

Gaining and Keeping Customers

  1. List your customers and give proof of market research.
  2. List your customer care policy for gaining and keeping customers.

Advertising and Promotion

List your advertising and promotion strategy.

New Ideas

What will you do to remain innovative in the marketplace?

Inspired Leadership

How will you
Build on your Strengths,
Eliminate Weaknesses,
Exploit Opportunities, and
Remove Threats?

Services and Products

List the benefits of your service and product.

Aggressive Selling

How will you sell to your customers?


List the resources that you need and show how you will stay in touch with the growing technology in your field.

Information / Communication

  1. What information do you require and how will it be obtained?
  2. What are the lines for communication and how will decisions be made?

Organised Financial Planning

  1. How much money do you need, where will you get it and how will you pay it back?
  2. List your financial policy and the system you will use to control your finances.


Who are you advisors?


Who are your suppliers and what are their terms?


Errol A Williams

About The Author

Errol A Williams

I am an International Management Trainer with over 36 years’ experience. I have trained thousands of directors, managers, leaders, supervisors, and unemployed people. My passion is to coach one million students to unleash their unlimited potential through personal growth. I was co-founder and Executive Chairman for one of Europe’s largest multi-million pound community complexes, launched by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1988. For over 25 years I have visited, counselled, and ran training courses for UK prisoners. Currently I am a Senior Pastor and Regional Overseer who sits on the National Executive Board for the Church of God of Prophecy UK Trust. I have taught Systematic Theology for over ten years. I am married and have six children and six grandchildren. I am the author of “Pursuing Excellence”, “The Temptation Trap”, “Sowing For A Blessing”, “TIPS For Dealing With Difficult Conversations” and “Building A Dream”. During the 2010 general election I stood as a Parliamentary Candidate. I am a professional photographer, graphics designer, virtual services provider, and web developer. My hobbies include chess, squash, backgammon, and domino. (My Profile)

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