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XoverX Ltd

Telecoms Contact: Delroy Black
Website: XoverX Telecom Service


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Get a local telephone number for mobile phone

Plain old telephone service for your business

XoverX Ltd is a one-stop supplier of DDI Telephone Numbers, along with specifically designed services to give the best user experience;

Who uses inbound Local telephone numbers? Pretty much anyone able to maintain a mobile phone, it could be you want to keep an extra layer of security by giving out a virtual telephone number instead of your personal number, a new start-up giving the impression of a larger entity, or a corporate conglomerate looking to measure advertising responses by tracking individual numbers.

When you purchase your business telephone number, that’s it! No monthly charges, No long-term lock-ins, No minimum commitments, Just excellent services at excellent prices!

You’ll be able to have your calls routed to a landline, mobile and SIP, or have your customers leave a voice message that you can pick up using your email from anywhere in the world.

The core product is Telephone numbers allocated by Ofcom, we have numbers for every town and city in the UK, along with a full suite of services.

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