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We are celebrating 36 years in training to the private and public sectors. One of our greatest discoveries during those years was: “The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.” Life improvement, leadership and management training is our business. Total customer satisfaction is our mission. Integrity is our key value. Excellent attitude, developmental skills, advanced knowledge, wisdom and understanding is our passion.

Our years of life improvement training, management expertise and leadership development courses has helped organisations to work smarter and compete more effectively. We offer managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs and others the most advanced business thinking and management strategies to increase business performances.

Our competitive advantages are our ability to entertain our audience and encouraging them to remember what they have learnt. We use tried, tested and proven methods that can be applied immediately. Our passion is to train others to unleash their wealth of potential.

Our courses can be presented on your premises exclusively for your personnel and modified in content and objectives to meet your organisation’s specific needs in any country. Contact us by calling +44 07956 872 141 or email us at: errol@errolwilliams.org

  1. Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  2. Advanced Negotiation Skills
  3. Advanced Presentation And Public Speaking Skills
  4. Assertiveness Skills
  5. Business Planning Skills
  6. Customer Care
  7. Creative Thinking And Problem Solving
  8. Communication And The Art Of Listening
  9. Conflict Management
  10. Delegation
  11. Dealing With Difficult People
  12. Dealing With Procrastination
  13. Goal Setting
  14. Graphics Design
  15. Health And Fitness
  16. First Line Management
  17. Certificate In Management
  18. Managing Difficult Conversations
  19. Marketing And Selling
  20. Meetings For Success
  21. One-To-One Coaching And Mentoring
  22. Personal Development
  23. Performance Management
  24. Professional Telephone Skills
  25. Pursuing Excellence Weekend Away
  26. Resilience Programme For Children, Young People And Adults
  27. Stress And Pressure Management
  28. Team Building
  29. Team Leadership
  30. Train the Trainer
  31. Time Management
  32. Understanding And Mastering The Internet
  33. Writing Skills
  34. Web Design

To enquire about our courses please contact us at: errol@errolwilliams.org or call: +44 07956 872 141

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