BALD Eagles

Learn 10 lessons from the Bald Eagles to improve your life.

Eagles build their nest very high

Build their nest very high

A typical height for an eagle’s nest ranges from between 50 to 125 feet. Eagles make their huge nests in trees or in the cleft of a rock. This great height gives them a beautiful and commanding view of the surrounding terrain. This also gives them a greater advantage for spotting and dealing swiftly with any danger. An eagle’s greatest adversaries are humans and snakes.

A symbol of freedom, power, strength, courage, majesty and glory

In 1782 Congress in the United States of America selected the bald eagle as their national emblem because it symbolised power, freedom, courage, majesty, strength and glory. All of these symbols can be observed when the eagle’s powerful and
huge wings are fully extended and in full flight. An eagle’s wings can span between 6-8 feet.

Life-time with one mate

Bald eagles are monogamous and spend their
whole life with the same partner until death.


Eagles have feet with four toes, each having a very deadly claw, known as a talon. Three of the eagle’s toes face forward and the fourth, the hallux, faces backward to aid in gripping its prey. The eagle’s deadly talons are skilfully aimed and become merciless when it strikes its prey.


An eagle can reach altitudes of up to two miles or more. They fly alone or with other eagles and you will not see them flying with other small birds.

An eagle migrates in order to survive

An eagle will migrate thousands of miles to areas where it can find food, open water, away from danger in order to survive. It has been reported that eagles have travelled up to 2,500 miles, for approximately ten days.

Goes away to refresh and renew itself

An eagle’s life-span is between 20-30 years or more in the wild, however they can live much longer in captivity. Within this time the eagle’s feathers break whilst still on their bodies and their beaks grow over the lower part of their mouth. These two factors present a major challenge to the eagle’s survival. When the eagle swoop on its prey, its broken feathers whistle and frighten off the prey. Whenever the eagle is fortunate to catch its prey, it has a difficulty in eating because of the overgrown beak. In order to overcome this challenge, eagles fly to a specific mountain top. Whilst on the mountain top they beat themselves against the rock in order to reshape their beak and shake or pluck off any loose feathers from their bodies. During this time their feathers grow back and finally they rest for a few days and then return to the wild, refreshed and eager to go hunting again.

Leads and trains its young

Eagles are powerful leaders and trainers of their young eaglets. At an early age the eagle will teach its young how to fly in order to defend itself. An eagle will gather her young on her back and soar to a great height. Then with a mighty move it swoops from under the eaglet, leaving it to learn to fly. If flying is not achieved on any occasion the eagle will secure the eaglet on her wings and return to the nest. This action will be repeated over and over again until the eaglet learns to fly.

Eagles have strong vision

It is reported that an eagle’s eye-sight is between 4-8 times more powerful than of a human. They are able to spot a prey up to two miles away. Once the eagle has spotted its prey it will not remove its eyes until it is captured and killed. If an eagle fixes his eyes on the prey that is two miles away and then turns his head for a second or two, he may lose sight of that prey for ever.

Storms and updraughts

The eagle is certainly not like the chicken that gives up easily during a storm and runs for shelter until the storm is over. An eagle faces the storm and allows it to lift him to a higher level. Eagles use thermals which are rising currents of warm air and updraughts in order to be elevated to greater heights of glory. Some eagles are known to reach altitudes of up to two miles. Once at this great height, soaring is accomplished with very little wing flapping, allowing them to conserve lots of energy. It is also recorded that a golden eagle can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour and travel as far as 2,500 miles to find food and water to survive. Long distance migration is accomplished by climbing high in a thermal, then gliding downwards until the next thermal. Eagles are certainly not in the business of quitting. Eagles strive in stormy weather while chickens and lesser fowls run for shelter. Do not allow the storms of life to stop you, because there may be a great blessing in store for you.

10 principles of an eagle

Learn these 10 principles from my book, Sowing For A Blessing and your life will never be the same again.

The Eagle Story

A farmer was on his way home through the jungle, when suddenly he came across a nest, high up in a tree with an egg in it. With great excitement he snatched the egg from its nest and took it to his chicken farm. On arrival, he placed the egg among the chickens that sat upon it until it was hatched. When it was hatched, out came the most magnificent and majestic looking eaglet. When this eaglet looked to the North, South, East and West, all that he could see were chickens. There were thousands of chickens everywhere. This eaglet was educated at a chicken school and thereby received a chicken diploma. After receiving a chicken job, earning chicken money, he married a chicken and developed a chicken attitude. Because of his inferiority complex he visited the cosmetic surgeon and had his beak shaved off, so as to stay friends with chickens. After years in the chicken farm this eagle now thinks, talks and behaves like a chicken.

On a cool summer afternoon, another majestic eagle was soaring at great altitude and speed with power and purpose in the air. With his long wings fully extended, he glided over the chicken farm when suddenly he saw an eagle behaving like a chicken. With shock and disbelief he decided to land in the chicken yard to investigate the situation.

As he approached the eagle in the chicken farm he said with great authority, “Hey, what are you doing in this chicken farm?” “What do you mean what am I doing here, I am here because I am a chicken.” “You are not a chicken,” replied the majestic eagle, “you are an eagle, now get out of this chicken farm and follow me to the place where eagles excel.” As the eagle looked into the pool of water and saw his reflection and up at the majestic eagle, he realised for the first time that he was looking at himself. With one last appeal the majestic eagle said, “Are you going to stay domesticated in this farm forever, where everything is done for you, or are you coming with me where you have to be a leader and fight for what is yours?” He continued, “Outside of this chicken farm, you can become your true self, fulfil the destiny for which you were born and help others to become true eagles.”

With a powerful thrust the majestic eagle took off into the air and beckoned for him to follow. The eagle that thought, talked and behaved like a chicken looked up at the majestic eagle with great admiration. Then he turned and looked back at the farm and saw all the chickens looking at him as he remembered how everything was done for him. After considering his options he decided to follow the majestic eagle into unknown territory. With one great surge of energy he decided to take off into the air when suddenly he landed into the fence and fell down to the floor. With anger and a Inspirational and anointed living great determination to succeed, he decided to try again and into the fence he crashed. On his seventh attempt he stood there tired, hurt and disappointed but he would not give up. The majestic eagle was watching, waiting and encouraging him but all the thousands of chickens were spectating, hoping that he would fail and stay. The chickens loved him and had become accustomed to him. He became even more angry, totally convinced that he was born to be a champion. His heart was thumping hard and fast with great anticipation to see what was over the other side of the mountain.

Then all of a sudden he felt something move all over his being that he had never experienced before. It moved from the top of his head to the very claws of his feet. There was a new air of excitement, confidence, power and even fear as he allowed whatever was happening to him to take full control. He knew this was it and without looking back at the chicken farm he opened his wings and with a mighty thrust, he lifted into the air. He was jubilant for hours as he flew gracefully and fellowshipped with the majestic eagle by his side. For the first time in his life he was truly free indeed.

By Errol A Williams

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