It is vitally important to realise that you have a divine right and a natural ability to learn. Once you have found out how you learn best, your learning will be accelerated.

At this point I would like you to write down all the different ways that you learn.
During the many years of asking this question, I have observed the following:

✅ We learn best by taking active part in what we are doing. You learn to play the flute by playing the flute. You learn to swim by swimming in the water.

✅ We learn best if the lessons being taught have a direct relevance to our needs and aspirations, both short or long term.

✅ Learning is best when the environment is conducive to learning, i.e. good lighting, good flow of oxygen, sufficient and effective resources.

✅ Learning is best when the learner is relaxed, comfortable and not tired.

✅ We learn by listening, reading, questioning, thinking, touching, tasting and seeing.

✅ We learn best when we are not under any threats. As a child I was constantly under threat to learn. This threat had a drastic effect on my early years, causing me to resist learning until I was 22 years old.

✅ Learning is best when the learner has an open mind to new information and a willingness to change.

✅ Learning is best when the learner takes 100%responsibility for his/her learning. When the learner oversees his/her own learning, they cannot blame others. "If it is to be, it is up to the learner."

Consider the above points with your own notes to see how you learn best. Once you have done this, begin straight away to put them into practice. The amazing thing about this book is that you will be able to put into practice what you have learnt straight away. You do not have to wait until tomorrow.

About The Author

Errol A Williams

I am an International Management Trainer with over 36 years’ experience. I have trained thousands of directors, managers, leaders, supervisors, and unemployed people. My passion is to coach one million students to unleash their unlimited potential through personal growth. I was co-founder and Executive Chairman for one of Europe’s largest multi-million pound community complexes, launched by HRH the Prince of Wales in 1988. For over 25 years I have visited, counselled, and ran training courses for UK prisoners. Currently I am a Senior Pastor and Regional Overseer who sits on the National Executive Board for the Church of God of Prophecy UK Trust. I have taught Systematic Theology for over ten years. I am married and have six children and six grandchildren. I am the author of “Pursuing Excellence”, “The Temptation Trap”, “Sowing For A Blessing”, “TIPS For Dealing With Difficult Conversations” and “Building A Dream”. During the 2010 general election I stood as a Parliamentary Candidate. I am a professional photographer, graphics designer, virtual services provider, and web developer. My hobbies include chess, squash, backgammon, and domino. (My Profile)

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